AHLS-2465 - Acoustic Homing and Localization System

Part Number: AHLS-2465

Omnitech Electronics' AHLS (pronounced. ‘alice’) is a directional acoustic array, processing module and acoustic modem (optional) combined in a single navigation sensor. The system is mounted inside an AUV nose cone and provides a long-range acoustic bearing (LRAB) to a ‘homing’ beacon.

The AHLS-2465 is the successor to AHLS-2317. See the AHLS-2317 page for additional information and Project Cornerstone for information on the development and use case for AHLS.


  • Proven homing range > 50 km
  • Depth Rating of 5000 km
  • Power consumption < 1 W
  • Six encoded mission state messages
  • Size variants available

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