The lastest news from Omnitech Electronics

Omnitech Electronics Awarded RDS Support Contract

Date: 2019-04-02

Omnitech Electronics has been awarded a $1.4M contract with Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC Atlantic) to provide software and hardware support for DRDC's Rapidly Deployable Array Systems (RDS) Technology. This contract will allow Omnitech Electronics to support the numerous underwater sensing systems that DRDC currently own that have been customized for specific research programs and projects, and will allow for upgrades and improvements to these sensor systems to ensure that DRDC scientists get the most accurate data possible.

Commissioning of 2nd Digital Magnetic Influence Range for DND Canada Completed

Date: 2019-03-01

Omnitech Electronics has completed installation and commissioning of the second Magnetic Influence Range for the Royal Canadian Navy's east coast degaussing facilities. Omnitech’s newest Magnetic Signature Measurement Systems are replacing the older analog solenoid-based DG Ranges installed in the 1970s. The new systems use triaxial magnetic field sensors with alignment correction and precision time stamping to allow extremely accurate signature measurements. Omnitech Electronics customized the sensor mounting brackets to allow simple swap-out of the solenoid coils by divers and provided a custom server / client software interface so the RCN could reuse existing signature management and analysis software. Field replaceable sensors can be upgraded to include electric field measurements at each sensor location.

Omnitech Electronics Delivers New Deep-water Digital Acoustic Array to FFI

Date: 2018-05-25

Omnitech Electronics has supplied an advanced deep-water acoustic array system to the Norwegian Defence Research Agency (FFI). Based on Omnitech Electronics' Low-Power Digital Hydrophone Array (LDHA) technology, the battery powered 64-hydrophone, 500m long array is intended for long term autonomous deployments at depths to 2000m to collect and analyze acoustic data. FFI have been using Omnitech Electronics’ digital hydrophone arrays since 2010. Contact us for information on current systems or how our LDHA technology can be customized to your specifications.